Friday, June 26, 2009

Project Update

It's been a while since I have posted a big update. So here is some thoughts on some of the projects I have going.


I’m working with Blurb ( on a book of my iPhone photos. This is not a commercial book, just a one off for family and friends. I hope to have it completed by the October so that I can send it out around the holidays. I say book but I’m really looking to do this more as a large format magazine. But like my blog not much text, almost all pictures.

Speaking of books I’m working to get set up with Asuka Books ( to do my fine art B&W portfolios. Asuka creates what I believe are the finest photo books on the market. Especially for B&W which other producers seem to have trouble with.


It’s been a long time since I have shot color film but a trip last week with my good friends Rob and Nic(k) got me into it again. Rob and Nic(k) are digital shooters all the way with both using the new Canon 5d mkII and creating some fantastic work. Rob has taken photography up full time and is working on breaking into the commercial and fashion market here in Seattle. For a guy who has not been shooting very long he has a fantastic eye and a really envious post processing style. His work is tops bar none. He is so good I’m planning on outsourcing my son’s senior portraits to him. Anyway we were out shooting Holgas the other day (digital guys try film) and I decided to load some Fuji Reala. I know, consumer film in a plastic camera, it’s got to be good right! So that little exercise got me to thinking about how much I loved Velvia 50 and miss shooting it. One of the things I love about the iPhone is the color sat you can get with the Camera Bag app and the Lolo filter. So I’ve ordered some Fuji pro color film and will be loading up the Mamiya RB67 and shooting from the hip. I’m setting up an account with a couple pro labs to do the processing as my darkroom is not set up for color and I really don’t want to get into it. Plus I want high res scans of my negative so I can print them at home.


I’ve been doing a lot of printing lately. Being an old school curmudgeon I’m one of those people who believe that a photo isn’t really a work of art until it is printed. It’s the darkroom in me coming out. So almost every image I create is destined for printing, even the iPhone photos.

Dean Zulich ( stopped by a couple weeks ago to do some large prints for his portfolio before he headed to NYC to meet with some folks. We got to talking about printing and color management and it lead me to some minor changes in my printing workflow and also to being a lot happier about the quality of the prints I am getting from the Epson 3800. Nothing really changed on the prints. It’s just that I now realize that I was over analyzing. It’s refreshing to be happy with the prints and no longer frustrated by color management. I now love to print on the 3800 as much as I do in the darkroom.


Speaking of over analyzing Nic(k) that I mentioned above does a blog on a number of technical photographic topics. He is really into understanding the process from cradle to grave and does a lot of fantastic work in analyzing what he’s getting from the products on the market. I keep pushing him to blog more but he’s busy with family and work so I understand. I’m just happy to have him and Rob for inspiration and as we all have different strong suits and areas of interest we mesh well.

Here are links to Nic(k)’s blog and Rob’s website. I suggest you check them out. You’ll have to ping Nic(k) directly to find out why I spell his name with the optional (k).

Nic(k)’s blog:

Rob’s website:

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